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Why should I go solar?

The main reason why most homeowners go solar is to reduce their electricity costs. Although it might be the initial appeal of adopting solar, many people then become aware that going solar gives you more control over your energy costs and raises the value of your home.

Going solar has other benefits that are unrelated to finances, such as lowering carbon emissions, supporting the future of renewable energy, and generating and maintaining hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

Is my house right for solar?

Your unique solar panel system’s price and cost savings are directly impacted by the answer to theses question.

  • How much sunlight your roof gets. Solar power could not be an option if there is a lot of shade.
  • Which way your roof faces. Your roof should face south if you live in the northern hemisphere to maximize production.
  • How much electricity costs where you live. The higher the cost for electricity in your area the more money you can save by going solar.
Is my electricity bill high enough to justify going solar? How much does solar power cost?

Despite having the perfect home design and roof for solar panels, you may decide against installing a new solar system because your electricity bill is too (too, not to) low. If you finance the system, your monthly loan payments are typically lower than your current electrical bill.

How do I categorize the panels I am considering?

Size, power output, and efficiency of solar panels are all constantly evolving. Understanding what is available is crucial. The aesthetics of the panel seems to be more important to homeowners than its inside technology. There are several options available in terms of aesthetics. The most efficient, and most commonly used today, black-on-black.

A kilowatt-hour (kWh) figure will be listed next to each panel, indicating how many kilowatts it will produce in an hour of sunlight.

Solar electricity will likely be a smart investment for your home if it fits these criteria.

There is no “one cost” for solar panels because each system is specifically designed to meet the energy needs of the residential or commercial property. Various factors influence solar panel costs such as solar panel type, labor, additional equipment, payment options and tax incentives. At Sunergy Solutions, each installation starts with a personalized analysis and quotation which is based on your goals, electric use, the size of your roof, the orientation of the sun, whether you are a home or business client, and the tax incentive programs available.

Not everyone is eligible for credits, incentives, or rebates or can fully use them. Please consult your tax professional or legal professional for further information. ** Incentives are subject to change. Check with your Sunergy Solutions Solar Representative to find out the exact credits and tax incentives available.

How much will it cost me to solar power my home?

Each residential solar panel system is custom built to fit your roof and budget requirements. In the first year, consumers typically have positive cash flow thanks to tax incentives and great solar financing options. 

Not everyone is eligible for credits, incentives, or rebates or can fully use them. Please consult your tax professional or legal professional for further information. A Sunergy Solutions Consultant is also available to help.

* Incentives are subject to change.


How much will I save with solar panels?

Residential solar customers who finance a system that offsets their power bill 100% often save money on day 1 as the monthly finance costs are lower than old power bill. Regardless of whether you finance your system or pay for it fully with cash, your ROI is typically 6-9 years. Contact your Sunergy Solutions Solar Rep today.

Is solar energy more expensive than utility rates?

Utility residential electricity prices have risen steadily in the last decade. According to the Energy Information Administration, residential electricity rates have increased nationally by around 14% in the last 10 years (an increase of a little under 0.2¢/kWh per year). Experts project that we could see increases of 30-60% in 2023 and beyond.

Residential solar power enables you to generate your own electricity and reduce your exposure to price volatility and future rises in electricity. As utility prices continue to climb you will enjoy predictable energy costs for years to come.

Is solar financing available?

Yes, Sunergy Solutions offers several solar financing programs for your residential solar system. A Solar Consultant will explain our options and customize a solution that works best for you.

How long will it take to install my system?

At Sunergy Solutions, the residential solar panel process typically takes one-to-three-months after the contract is signed. The actual installation of the solar system usually takes 1-2 days.

The Sunergy Solutions Process

Contact Sunergy Solutions today for a no-obligation solar consultation and estimate.

We usually start with a phone or a zoom meeting.

STEP 1: Introductory Phone Call

STEP 2: Site Visit

STEP 3: Agreement To Move Forward

STEP 4: Site Audit

STEP 5: Permitting

STEP 6: Installation

STEP 7: Inspection

STEP 8: Go Live

What kind of maintenance do solar panels require?

We provide a 20yr workmanship warranty that compliments 25yr manufacturer warranties to ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Will I still need to use the electric utility?

Most often, yes. Why? If net-metering is available at your location, you need to stay connected. Net metering allows you to send the power you produce to the grid and use it later.

Some people want to be totally off-grid. You can do this, but often at a huge cost as you will need batteries that are quite expensive and short lived. You’ll also need a generator and being off grid often reduces your property value.

All solar systems created by Sunergy Solutions are intended to reduce your electric cost as much as possible. Up to 100% of your bill may be offset. However, this is dependent on the variables taken into account, such as the direction, pitch, and shadowing of the roof.

Is there a warranty on my solar system?

Sunergy Solutions provides a 20yr workmanship warranty on the installation and this compliments the 25yr manufacturer warranties to ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee.